How Portuguese Law Looks at Proxy Play?


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Gambling is among the most growing sectors of the world’s economy. Its growth is mainly attributed to the many players looking to earn money from gambling and others who just want to pass time. Most countries have fully embraced gambling making it fully legal provided you follow the set rules and regulations.

Portugal, in particular, has just recently legalized online gambling, where all gambling activities are now regulated by the Regulatory and Inspection Services of Games and Tourism of Portugal, RISGTP.

However, the downside of this regulation by the government is that online gambling activity in the country is highly taxed, which may be a disadvantage to both online casino operators and players. Is using a VPN to gamble illegal? According to our expert Martim Nabeiro, here is what you need to know about gambling using proxy play in Portugal:

Understanding Proxy Play

Proxy play is simply the use of a proxy server when engaging in online gambling in Portugal. A proxy server is a link that connects you to the websites that you want to use. Normal browsing of the internet involves the transfer of data from you directly to the website’s server.

However, when using proxy play, data is transferred to the proxy server first then rendered to the website server. If the website’s server wants to send you any kind of information, it still goes back the same way through the proxy server then rendered back to you.

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Advantages of Proxy Play

Enhances Anonymity

One of the most desirable attributes of online gaming is anonymity while playing. Technological advancements have come with so many advantages to the gaming world and improved ways of hacking valuable data in online casinos.

The advantage of using a VPN when gambling online is that it acts as an intermediary between you and the website; hence it is complicated to trace you. When accessing online casino websites, normal browsing involves using an IP address that hackers can easily hack your data, including your banking and contact details.

When using a proxy server, your IP address is hidden, making it difficult for hackers to breach any form of personal data.


Grants You Access to Location-Locked Websites

Portugal has thousands of reputable online gaming platforms as highlighted on the sites reviewed at casinos portugal. However, you may still find that there are some sites that are inaccessible from Portugal. VPN online gambling helps hide your actual location, meaning that you can set your location in any country in the world.

The website you want to access will use your proxy server address IP, which allows you to access the website as a person living in the country. Online casino gaming is fully legal here in Portugal but is prohibited in many countries due to various reasons. Using a proxy server to alter your location allows you to play online casino games in a country like Portugal, where gaming is legal while residing in a country that has banned it.


Protecting your Location Details

The advantage of using a proxy server is that you can choose a different location, e.g., a foreign, country as your actual location. The main reason for hiding your real location is to prevent websites or servers from knowing your exact location, as hackers can easily use your precise whereabouts to trace you.

Hackers have used IP addresses to locate people in the past, which may be very dangerous as it is easy to get robbed or harmed. It is of uttermost importance that you select an excellent online proxy server that can guarantee protection from your exact location details.

Lag-free Connections

One of the qualities of a good online casino website is lag-free connectivity. A proxy server comes in handy to ensure that connections are smooth and do not lag at all. Online casino websites run on different web servers dispensing on their location.

A server in one country may be down due to many reasons like congestion or performance issues. The use of a proxy server allows for the altering of location. If your country’s server is down, you can easily change your location and access the same online casino website using another country’s server.

Proxy play is entirely legal in Portugal. It means that you can enjoy all the advantages listed above when using a proxy server.