High-fashion hi-vis dog wear

VIS – The Road Safety Collection; @southerncrosspet.co.nz/vis

Keep pets safe on the road: VIS – Pet Road Safety Collection by celeb fashion designer Matthew Adams Dolan.

New Zealand pets will soon be seen in all the right places after dark, as Southern Cross Pet Insurance collaborates with international designer to the stars, Matthew Adams Dolan on an exclusive range of high-fashion hi-vis dog wear. Dolan first shot to fashion fame when superstar Rihanna modelled one of his signature oversized jackets. He’s since gone on to dress the likes of Lady Gaga and Gigi Hadid, so his unique range for New Zealand’s furry fashionistas means lucky recipients will be more than ready for the ‘dogwalk’.

‘VIS – The Road Safety Collection’ comprises eight couture hi-vis pieces including stylish reflective puffers, vests, sweaters and bandanas, created to support the Live Your Pet Life campaign; a project designed by advertising agency TBWA\New Zealand to help New Zealand’s pets live happier and healthier lives, for longer.

VIS – The Road Safety Collection; @southerncrosspet.co.nz/vis

Dolan says he was thrilled to create the collection on behalf of New Zealand’s dogs. “As a dog-lover and owner of Maisie, I was delighted to receive such an exciting brief. To save lives and be fashionable with it, I’ve been on an amazing journey working with the Southern Cross team to highlight road safety issues for pets and make products which can be integrated so easily into everyday situations.

“While some owners will love the full couture look, others will appreciate the simplicity of a reflective bandana which can be worn regardless of the type of leash or harness they use when walking their pup after dark. To be safe, we just need our furbabies to be seen, but by all means let’s make them look good too. Our next step may be better looking road-safety gear for humans!”

VIS – The Road Safety Collection; @southerncrosspet.co.nz/vis

Anthony McPhail, GM Southern Cross Pet Insurance says, “We’d much rather help prevent beloved pets needing care with top-notch protective gear, than have to treat a painful injury. I’m excited to see how New Zealand responds to the VIS Collection. The hi-vis fashion collection helps highlight the ways in which owners can ensure their pets’ wellbeing, including being careful while out walking at night.

“We wanted a fun way to show pet owners how important it is to keep our beloved pups safe while they’re out for their walk, especially as we head into the shorter days and colder weather.”

“So, we were thrilled when Matthew Adams Dolan agreed to design this range of hi-vis wear. Some very lucky, and very safe, pooches are certainly going to be turning heads on their evening walks this winter.”

VIS – The Road Safety Collection; @southerncrosspet.co.nz/vis

@ Southern Cross Pet x @Matthew Adams Dolan