Freddy Gump: Meet the yacht created for Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump



@Feadship Project FG concept

Feadship’s new Freddy Gump combines rock star level partying with down to earth innovative design.

If you would combine rock star level partying with down to earth innovative yacht design, what kind of superyacht would you end up with? Meet Project FG (Freddie Gump). A yacht created for the fictional combination of Freddie Mercury and Forrest Gump. You would simply need a pop-up table tennis court, a panoramic piano lounge, and a hidden night club in the belly of the beast, right? Well, you got it!

Two weeks ago Netherlands-based Feadship shipyard, one of the world leaders in the field of pure custom superyachts, unveiled the second episode of Feadship Unveils – check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet. Last week Feadship revealed the renders and some more information of Project FG (Freddy Gump) superyacht.

@Feadship Project FG

“The 109-meter Project FG came to life during the Feadship Brokers Course in 2019,” said Feadship. “Together with the Feadship design team from Studio De Voogt, the invited brokers created a design for a wild – but down to earth – Freddy Gump. In a few days’ time, Project FG was born as a technically feasible design that allows for wild partying at night and peaceful relaxation during daytime.

In a video released on the Feadship’s youtube’s official channel, Feadship Sales Director Marsha van Buitenen and senior designer Jan Schaffers discussed Project FG, the brand new regal megayacht design with superstar appeal written all over it.

The109 metre superyacht’s unique features include a panoramic piano lounge, pop-up table tennis table with a transparent windbreaker,
an outdoor beach club accommodating 300 party people, and a mysterious nightclub for private gatherings.

“The guests have to find it – there are no directions about how to get there and the idea is that it is somewhere behind the engine – there’s a hidden door and you come into the club in the belly of the boat,” shared designer Jan Schaffers.

The ship sleeps 22 guests including the owner, who can retreat himself and create new songs on the piano lounge with a panoramic view.

“The client had on the one hand a party attitude but was also down to earth as well. On the down to earth side, it was Forrest Gump, on the more wild side, it was Freddie Mercury and with that, Freddie Gump was born,” explained Feadship sales director Marsha van Buitenen.

“On the tip of the bow we wanted to have a tennis table, but the ball is quite light, so if you hit it the wind will pick it up and it will be gone. So it’s a glass tube which comes up with a table in between with a door. You a sheltered from the wind and can play table tennis,” added Jan Schaffers.

@Feadship Project FG concept

How might an exceptionally fast Feadship look like? What kind of design features would be included?

Take a look at Feadship’s exploration into a sporty superyacht with a full-sized glass-bottomed pool, open wheelhouse and mega-sleek exterior. And let’s not forget a state-of-the-art propulsion system that deploys water jets rather than propellers. Feadship CEO Henk de Vries talks to head of design Tanno Weeda about the development process behind a potential future Feadship Sports Yacht.

@Feadship Project FG concept