Frank Muller Double Mystery – Elegance and horological compexity combined

The Double Mystery Ladies Collection.

Every watchmaker’s dream has always been to manufacture a complete watch. The Franck Muller Swiss watch manufacturer continues this time-honoured culture by designing and manufacturing almost all the components of its timepieces.

Frank Muller Double Mystery hands-free hours and minutes has a dial with two turning disks with different looks, and therefore manages to reveal extremely clean lines, at the same time as enabling the time to be read clearly.  This complication features an ingenious mechanism under the dial. In the past, only a few watchmakers  have  attempted anything resembling this watch, the results however were often merely visual and not mechanical.  With the absence of watch hands, the mechanisms consists of two discs that rotate to display the hours and minutes.

“La Maison horlogere” masters and controls the entire process of diamond setting. The Double Mystery collection flaunts precious stones such as rubis, emeralds  and saphirs. The technical process of diamond setting requires a strong technical know-how and control, as each baguette diamond requires extremely accurate cutting anf finishing, which is further set at precised angles on the bezel.

Nothing interrupts the harmony and elegance of the Cintree Curvex’s curves or the restraint of the rounded cases, which conceal the mystery of the complication. The Double Mystery Ladies line includes Curvex, 4Saisons, and Ronde watch families.