Flavored vodkas continues to explode: Pomacai – the latest pomegranate and acai berry vodka

New Pomegranate and Acai Berry Flavored Vodka Launches in November

The demand for super-premium spirits and flavored vodkas continues to explode, according to Nielsen Vodka Landscape, 2011. The flavored vodka segment is up 17.5 percent in 2012 and pomegranate-flavored vodkas are growing 254 percent versus last year. Manufacturers focus their attention on different exotic fruits and flavors.

Pomacai’s pomegranate and acai berry are combined with premium vodka to create a drinkable vodka bursting with naturally exotic fruit flavor. Pomacai vodka (35 percent alcohol by volume(70 proof) is Pure Holdings‘s (makers of Purus Vodka) second super-premium spirit with a striking jewel-like color and a light mouth feel with hints of berry, chocolate and a tangy sweetness.

As the right packaging is absolutely critical for high-end spirits brands, Pomacai‘s packaging stand out with a special bubble pattern. Available in 750ml bottles, Pomacai’s unique bottle is a bubble-motifs glass with high style branding and features a polished metal screw-top cap.