First jewellery House to launch a High Jewellery collection via ecommerce


@David Morris Renaissance High Jewellery on Farfetch

London jeweller David Morris has joined forces with global luxury platform Farfetch, to exclusively present a selection of its new High Jewellery collection online. This is the first time that a jewellery House has launched a High Jewellery collection via ecommerce.

Named Renaissance, a nod to the brand’s continually evolving and inventive approach to the traditional world of High Jewellery, the collection comprises 13 unique pieces. The remaining pieces from the collection will be available to view and purchase via FARFETCH Private Client services and David Morris boutiques worldwide, and in person or remotely through private virtual appointments (depending on each market’s local Covid-19 restrictions).

Whilst the brand is first to embrace new technologies, a respect and dedication to craft is ever present; David Morris remains the only Bond Street brand to still have its own High Jewellery atelier on the premises, as well as being one of the last few family-owned jewellers present.

One of the standout pieces of the Renaissance collection is the exquisite ruby and white diamond Rubia cabochon
choker necklace, made with over 380 carats of the rarest, deep-red Burmese rubies and truly a remarkable feat of
craftsmanship. The matching Rubia earrings combine 32 carats of strikingly intense red rubies, that are beautifully enhanced by white diamonds in a variety of cuts and the earrings’ delicate drops feature intricate fluted rubies and pear-shaped white diamonds.

Azul-Choker @David Morris Renaissance High Jewellery Collection

Also offered are jewels at the most vivid end of the colour spectrum, on display in the remarkable vibrant-blue Azul Paraiba tourmaline and white diamond choker. A piece that exhibits the House’s fusion of modern technologies and hand craftsmanship, its intricately engineered design was designed digitally before being made entirely by hand over almost 800 hours, taking almost a year to complete from concept to work bench.

Just as electrifying is the Azure cocktail ring, which features a spectacular, electric-blue 16 carat Paraiba tourmaline at its centre. Flanked by brilliant-blue turquoise and white diamonds, it is the ultimate in colourful and contemporary jewels.

David Morris is famed for working with unusual, lesser-known gemstones, and black opals are fast becoming a new
House signature. The Aura cocktail ring beautifully demonstrates this unique gemstone’s captivating, flame-like effect. At the centre of this eye-catching piece is a remarkable 10-carat Australian black opal, set amongst intense-blue lapis and white diamonds.

@David Morris Renaissance High Jewellery Collection

The highly intricate Lattice blue sapphire choker matching drop earrings are crafted using a collection of extraordinary jewels, their intense blue hue magnified by a delicate setting of lace-like white diamonds. The choker comprises 85 carats of the rarest blue sapphires in pear-shape, round and cushion cut gems.

The rose cut diamonds, beloved of Jeremy Morris who revived the popularity of the cut over 20 years ago, make another appearance in the stunning Monsoon white diamond necklace and earrings set – which together, comprise over 55 carats of scintillating rose cut, cushion, pear-shape, round and oval white diamonds in a fluid, droplet-inspired silhouette.

For lovers of the rarest natural pearls, the collection’s incredible Two Seas natural pearl necklace brings together a magnificent collection of striking black and white pearls – comprising 119 carats of pearls in all – with pink and white diamonds set in rose gold, creating a piece of astonishing beauty and individuality.

@David Morris Renaissance High Jewellery Collection