Exclusive Game Trunk

A chest of wonders by Bertoni 1949 x The Hangar Design Group.

Bertoni 1949 Game Trunk

This Game Trunk is another one-of a-kind collector’s item by The Hangar Design Group collective and Bertoni 1949. The Game Trunk is a container dedicated to games. Inside, in a casket made of anthracite oak, there is space for a domino, a set of chess, a mahjong, and a bouquet of poker cards. Completely covered in leather parchment with black alligator spiked details, the container can be placed through folding legs like an accordion, elegantly covered in alligator with interweaving sight.

Bertoni 1949 Game Trunk and Travel Mug Bertoni 1949 Game Trunk-

Bertoni 1949 Travel Mug