Ducati’s moto-inspired Apple accessories

Ducati cases for iPhone 5S, iPad Mini and iPad air.



Ducati and Element Case partner for an exclusive line of products featuring alluring design and precision craftsmanship. Element Case, the premier manufacturer of ultra-premium smart phone and tablet accessories, has launched a full line of Ducati cases for iPhone 5S, iPad Mini and iPad air. The lineup of Ducati licensed accessories from Element Case represents the synergy between two iconic brands — innovation, performance, unique design, premium materials, and an unparalleled brand experience.

Each product features Ducati’s signature artwork and Element Case’s unique design elements including CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum, genuine carbon fiber, high-impact TPU polycarbonate and Tech-Grip coatings.

“As a long-time Ducati owner myself, this partnership is personal. It’s not just a licensing deal where we slap an Iconic logo on disconnected products,” said Jeff Sasaki, CEO and Founder of Element Case. “Ducati delivers the ultimate in engineering, design, and performance to its customers and we think our products do the same. To us, there’s an obvious synergy. And it helps that we are all moto-enthusiasts at Element Case. We are so thrilled by this opportunity to partner with Ducati.”


The full line includes:

The ultimate protection for iPhone 5S, Rogue features a rugged chassis and carbon-fiber backplate that completely encase and protect iPhone. Compatible with Element Case’s unique FUSE-DEK mounting system, this is the perfect case for mounting iPhone to your motorcycle or bicycle on the go — Ducati motorcycle not required.


Slim, sleek and chic, the Solace is the slimmest case in the Ducati family featuring CNC-machined aluminum end-caps and a soft-touch polycarbonate chassis. This case can also be utilized with the FUSE-DEK mounting system.

Ion 5 
A one-piece, impact resistant TPU case, the Ion is the perfect utilitarian case compete with carbon-fiber backing for that signature Element Case look. This case can also be utilized with the FUSE-DEK mounting system.
Soft-Tec Folio
The perfect protection for iPad Mini, iPad air and generations 2-4, the Soft-Tec folio features non-slip synthetic coating and Tech-Grip material for comfortable viewing at any angle and typing.