Commercial Air Conditioner: How to fix it?


Commercial air conditioner is an important investment and you cannot ignore, if it gives trouble while working. Your customers and employees become unhappy and causing whole company to suffer.

Here are some of the handy tips and guide as what to do to fix your commercial air conditioner if it stops working.


1. It Becomes Dead:
In such case, check the electrical panel for a blown fuse or breaker is tripped. If it is tripped reset the breaker and if blown, replace the fuse. If the breaker is still not working and tripped, you will need an electrician to fix this problem. Moreover, make sure the thermostat is set to cool, 3 degrees lower than the room temperature. Make sure the power supply is constant and compressor’s 240 volt disconnect is turned on. Replace the batteries and check if the wires are properly attached. Check Compressor’s capacitor is functioning properly as starts the condenser and fan.


2. Running But Not Cooling:
If your AC is running but not cooling, something is blocking the air filter, check the air filters, compressor and registers. Reduced air flow and low refrigerant level causes ice around the coil. If you see ice, turn on the fan for one or two hours, the ice will melt down. You better find a professional to fix the refrigerant. Cooling is also blocked due to the process of condensation of drain pipe, which needs to be cleaned up.


3. Stopped Blowing Air:
When your commercial air conditioner stops blowing air, it is mainly because of dirty air filter, frozen evaporate coil, air duct problem, and blower issue. To fix it:

  • Replace the dirty air filter. You can find it in the metal bars on ceiling or before the air handler unit.
  • You need to turn off the system to let the ice melt. Change the filter, check the return gates (metal bars on ceiling) for any blockage.
  • To fix air duct problem, check the flex duct if there is any curve.
  • If the blower is not working properly, check the blower wheel if it’s clean, see if fan belt is not loose or broken.
  • Lubricate the blower. This may also be the reason of squealing noise.
  • If it is still not fixed, replace the lower motor.

4. Water Leakage:
Water drips at the base of air handler when the flow is blocked or condensate pump is not working. In this case, clear the tube with the help of vacuum and remove the water or better replace it. Check if the pump if it is broken or stuck. If it is stuck, demount and clean it properly. Otherwise, change the pump. Also consider:

  • Clear the algae in pump with a mixture of bleach and water.
  • If ice is creating blockage, clean filters or call AC technician.


5. Condenser Unit Repeatedly Turns On and Off:
The condenser contains a fan that moves air across the coil. If condenser turns on and off repeatedly, it means that either it is dirty or blocked. To fix this problem you need to:

  • Clean the condenser coil and fins.
  • Clean the debris like weeds, grass or dust from the condenser.
  • Properly clean the evaporator.

6. Noisy Air Conditioner:
If your AC is creating squealing sound, it is due to the belt that connects motor to the blower, improperly fixed or slipped. Check, if the belt is old and worn out, replace it with a new one.