Black Tie events in 2011: ceremonial suits models

Models and textures for ceremonial men suits
300 of the world’s most exclusive fabrics
Counselling – an essential factor for the success of a perfect formal outfit

Tuxedo, frock coat, black ceremonial suit and white tie are what we generically call ceremonial suits, the image of the perfect male elegance.

The ceremonial suits are bespoke creations, made from the most precious available fabrics, have an impeccable tailoring, perfect proportions and provide comfort to the owner. For 2011, for example, Zenonni luxury sartoria offers 300 options in terms of combinations of fabrics for bespoke ceremonial suits. To achieve the perfect balance between all parts of the male gala suits (trousers, bow tie, formal shirt, vest, jacket, lavaliera, shawl, belt and buttons) Zenonni provides all the “Black Tie” outfit.

The dress code of a “BLACK TIE” event (balls, opera, special ceremonies, cultural events) dictates the wearing of a tuxedo, a black gala suit, a frock coat or a white tie. 


The Zenonni Ceremonial Models for 2011:

Tuxedo model with spitz type collar

Tuxedo model with shawl type collar

Tuxedo – Dinner Jacket – Classic

Tuxedo – double brested

White Tie


Bespoke Zenonni Frock coat