Augmented reflection: Personal Data Mirror

New York Times Lab Mirror

Personal Data Mirror, dubbed by R&D “augmented reflection“, is a natural user interface that creates a more seamless integration of computers into our everyday environments.

The R&D Lab’s Reveal is a “magic” digital mirror platform that designed to explore how the relationship between information and the self is evolving and how media content play a part.

By using a special semi-reflective glass surface, the users of the “Personal Data Mirror” are able to see both a normal reflection  as well as overlaid, high-contrast graphics. Conceptually, the idea is that the mirror can reveal the halos of data around real-world objects, including ourselves.

Envisioned as a key fixture in your future home, the mirror uses face recognition to call up personalized data, including health stats, a calendar, news feeds, and other information relevant to your daily routine. Via an embedded Kinect, voice commands switch between views, and gestures  activate digital content, including fullscreen video messages from other mirror users.

R&D developed the hardware and software for this mirror in-house. Personal Data Mirror by R&D  is an ongoing project, with many new modules and modes of interaction in the works.


New York Times Lab Mirror