Aiways U7ion highly-intelligent zero-emissions car concept unveiled at 2019 Auto Shanghai


The second highly-intelligent zero-emissions car shows Aiways forward-thinking mindset, by showcasing revolutionary features.

Aiways ‘fourth space’ concept offers users a sanctuary from the busy world outside and invents a new dimension of passenger car packaging.

Aiways U7ion drawings

Aiways U7ion; @ai-ways

The four door electric concept car developed under the leadership of Chief Advisor of Design and Art, Ken Okuyama, is an example of the electric automotive brand’s approach to developing stand-alone solutions for individual mobility. It is updating Aiways’ strategy of developing highly-intelligent zero-emissions cars.

Featuring unprecedented levels of in-car artificial intelligence (AI) and revolutionary interior design, the Aiways U7ion concept also premiers Aiways’ ‘fourth space’ concept. Aside from work, family and leisure, the ‘fourth space’ is a refuge of serenity from the outside world, while still keeping occupants seamlessly connected. It is demonstrated by a highly customisable interior, advanced in-car assistant and innovative touchscreen integration. Employing the ‘fourth space’ concept helps the U7ion concept achieve Aiways’ ‘Love Your Drive’ brand promise, by offering users a comfortable,
relaxing, yet highly connected mobility option.

The design concept will be displayed at Aiways’ impressive Auto Shanghai Booth, which has been designed look like a city, giving vistors a realistic view of how Aiways products will look in their natural habitat.

“The U7ion concept takes Aiways on its next crucial step in its journey of discovery. With this concept, we show the world our vision for the next generation of mobility, which will be more intelligent, more efficient and more attuned to all of our busy lives,” said Ken Okuyama, Aiways’ Chief Advisor of Design and Art.

Gumpert Nathalie Sports Car

Gumpert Nathalie; @ai-ways

The electric car concept will be displayed alongside the Aiways U5 all-electric mid-size SUV, which was premiered in Europe at the Geneva International Motor Show in March this year and will come to market soon. The Aiways stand will also host the company’s sister brand, Gumpert Aiways, with its all electric-powered and fuel cell-equipped super sports car Gumpert Nathalie.

Aiways U5 - Immersive AI Smart Cabin

Aiways U5 – Immersive AI Smart Cabin; @ai-ways

Aiways U5

Aiways U5 – Immersive AI Smart Cabin; @ai-ways

Aiways U7ion 2019

Aiways U7ion ; @ai-ways