Acupressure techniques to awaken eyes at home or on the go

Instantly energises and awakens. De-puffs, awakens the eyes, offering a glow effect.

High-end cosmetics brand Crème de la Mer has three potent treatments targeting the delicate skin with Miracle Broth (Crème de la Mer’s exclusive skincare weapon) and exclusive marine extracts. The latest potion is an instant refresher that lights up the eyes for an energised and awakened look.

The transformative energies of the “Miracle Broth” jump-start skin’s natural renewal process. Antioxidants within the Awakening Ferment help protect against the ageing effects of the environment, fatigue and stress as the Illuminating Ferment promotes a luminous new look.

The potent Miracle Broth infuses skin with the renewing energies of the sea, helping invigorate, hydrate and soothe while jump-starting skin’s natural renewal process. The Mineralized algae helps smooth and refine as it plumps for a more resilient surface. Antioxidants protect against the aging effects of the environment, fatigue and stress, the invisible drivers of aging. This high- powered brightening blend promotes a clear and even, luminous new look.

“The Illuminating Eye Gel feels weightless around the eyes and conveys a brightness that my clients love. Keeping the product ‘chilled’ also f eels great for those early morningmakeup calls,” says Celebrity Makeup Artist Daniel Martin.

A specially-designed acupressure technique will help awaken eyes. Follow the tips. Eyes look energised and awakened. Newly bright.