3 Ways to Explore the Caribbean by Water

explore caribbean by water

As some of the most beautiful islands in the world surrounded by glistening oceans, one of the best ways to discover the Caribbean is by water. The Caribbean Sea covers more of the world’s surface than the islands themselves, and it forms the perfect method for travelling between them. Whether you aim to swim in these crystal clear waters, enjoy stunning sea views, or just use it to travel between the islands by boat, there are various exciting ways to discover the region by water.

Caribbean itineraries to fuel your sense of adventure

Caribbean Cruise

Probably the most popular for a lot of holidaymakers, Caribbean cruises offer a great package. The cruise ships are enormous with more than enough on-board entertainment, catering and facilities to keep everyone happy. Most offer package deals available to book with flights and hotels (for the first and final nights) included, as well as all meals on the ship and a cabin with everything you’d expect from a hotel.

You will probably have to stick to the cruise ship’s itinerary, which limits the amount of time you can spend in each location, but besides this a cruise provides a stress-free way to experience the Caribbean. Plus, you can watch the sun set and rise lying on a sun lounger in the middle of the ocean!

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Yachting Adventure

If you’d prefer your own private boat with a crew looking after your every need then a luxury yacht holiday from ITC Luxury Travel is another option. These allow a lot more freedom as guests can get involved with operating the yacht or just sit back, relax and enjoy the trip as the full crew takes care of all the necessities, from steering the ship to cooking and serving dinner. Some come with set itineraries, but many can be tailored towards the guest’s needs.

It’s a far more peaceful and personal way to experience the Caribbean, closer to the water with the option to make use of the yacht’s water sports equipment too.

kayak in the Caribbean

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Kayaking around the Caribbean is a fantastic way to uncover remote beaches and isolated, hidden areas of beauty. Guided tours are the best option, especially for novices to stay safe, although some companies allow the more adventurous to rent out kayaks and go off exploring on their own. It’s often possible to find beachside cottages available to rent as well, which make a great base to start from and return to after a day of kayaking. There’s also the added bonus of keeping fit to help burn off all those rum cocktails!

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