2LUXURY2 launch in Brussels


After 2LUXURY2.com‘s successful launch in Paris at 1,618 Sustainable Luxury Fair last April, it is the turn of Brussels to welcome this new energy on 24th May at WE ARE DIFFERENT Art Gallery – an universe of contemporary art with a collection of unique objects and selected pieces of furniture in a design studio.

You are invited to join 2LUXURY2 and HARCOURT to discover our vision of the new world of luxury, to meet people, and make photos in a resolutely different contemporary space, where art, luxury, and design take another dimension. 2LUXURY2 is pleased to introduce in Brussels, the Capital of Europe, the first Harcourt booth, “Cabine Harcourt” allowing anyone to be photographed like a star.


Who are we? A network of international journalists sharing information the minute it comes out, the advantage of internet media. Our expertise is luxury, true luxury providing well-being, the one tending to perfection and taking us to the most inaccessible peaks.

The image and perception of luxury changes at each period of history. Today, from creativity to the need of perfection, from respect of health to respect of the environment, we are looking for authentic luxury. In response to an insistent consumer’s need, companies will have to change fast their priority to get in tune with the New Luxury Code.

2LUXURY2.COM is an international e-magazine for the demanding, high-end, luxury consumer, dedicated to excellence, well-being, green issues, arts, creativity, innovation and sustainable development.

2LUXURY2. COM invites initiated e-readers to discover with refinement a source of inspiration, an exclusive editorial content, custom showrooms for luxury suppliers, articles and events.

2LUXURY2.COM offers an attractive guide focused around the exclusive world of luxury brands: jewelry, watches, cars, fashion, yachts, sports, gastronomy, decoration, high-tech …leading to the well-being in all its forms!

2LUXURY2.COM allows you to participate and communicate easily by dropping your stories, sending pictures, texts or any useful information.

ABOUT HARCOURT (www.studio-harcourt.eu)

For eight decades, Harcourt continues to create sensation, remaining a symbol of elegance in the art of photography. Harcourt’s world-famous signature is immediately recognizable all over the world. The Parisian studio has immortalized the greatest figures of all times. Thanks to its unique lighting system, Studio Harcourt Paris can bring out the natural glow of each model.

“Studio Harcourt Paris” is not only about photographs. It is an experience that transcends you, being welcomed like a celebrity, having your most beautiful features revealed and keeping a sublime picture as memory of it,” explained Francis Dagnan, Director Studio Harcourt.

You are unable to come to Studio Harcourt Paris? Let Studio Harcourt Paris come to you… Thanks to the Photo Booth, you can confer light to any location. Harcourt Studio offers the opportunity to have access to the whole Studio Harcourt Universe through a machine that enables everyone to create a Studio Harcourt picture. Thanks to more than one year of research, the photo booth now transcribes perfectly light and shade effects and also the famous circle of light. The “Cabine Harcourt” is a real technical discovery that does not use flash but the Studio Harcourt’s continuous light.
ABOUT WE ARE DIFFERENT (www.wearedifferent.be)
WE ARE DIFFERENT are & design gallery in Brussels (15, chaussée de Charleroi, Brussels) is an art universe, unlike anything you’ve experienced so far… a unique contemporary space filled with internationally renowned artists’ creations, where ART and DESIGN transport you to another level.


Creezy Courtoy 

creezy {at} 2luxury2.com
+ 32 475 77 92 47