#‎SurfTheEarth:Is this the most innovative invention for golf since the graphite shaft?

Adding a new element of fun to the game of Golf.

golfboard 2015 model---

Your focus just might shift from how well you score to how well you ‪surf‬, when you play your next round of golf on the GolfBoard. This invention has proven to make golf more popular and courses more profitable. Powered by an environmentally friendly lithuim-ion battery, the new GolfBoard is an easy-to-ride vehicle that adds a new level fun and excitement for golfers of all ages, allowing golfers to ‘Surf the Earth’ in a way that feels similar to snowboarding, surfing, or skateboarding.

The new golf transportation vehicle has never-before-seen features on electric skateboards including: 4 Wheel Posi Traction, Drivetrain, Intuitive Control, 4″ Turf Tires, and the highest quality industrial grade electric motors, drives, and on-board intelligent equipment. The GolfBoard is driven by gear boxes front and back, rather than unreliable chains and belts.

golfboard 2015 surftheearth golfboard 2015 model--

The GolfBoard uses a 4 wheel drive posi-traction drivetrain. Housed on each end of the board are industrial grade gear boxes which provide power to all 4 wheels reliably and evenly. This never before seen feature of a powered golf device ensures safety, smooth operation, and nearly zero maintenance requirements. Four-wheel-drive traction is guaranteed to provide solid transport even on the steepest hills. Turf professionals embrace the GolfBoard based on its low impact on the turf, as compared to regular golf carts.

The GolfBoard is controlled using an ergonomically designed thumb throttle which allows the user to smoothly accelerate and decelerate, and power the GolfBoard on and off. The throttle mechanism also features an intelligent LED meter, providing details of when the GolfBoard battery needs to be recharged. It is specially designed to allow for intuitive, gentle, and smooth acceleration and braking. Hi/Low, and Fwd/Reverse switches are mounted on the Stability Bar for easy access.

golfboard 2015 model-

“We’ve designed custom controller firmware to ensure ultimate control for each GolfBoard. As an added safety feature, the controller will automatically lock the GolfBoard’s wheels when you come to a stop. This provides you a stable structure to step off of, and won’t allow the GolfBoard to roll away if you come to a stop on a steep hill to play a tricky sidehill shot!” explain GolfBoard’s creators.

The GolfBoard utilizes tires specifically made for turf use. Produced by the world’s leading manufacturer of turf equipment tires, GolfBoard’s ‘gentle-on-the-turf’ 4×11 tires provide stability, no-spin traction, and ground clearance perfectly suited for Surfing the Earth.

GolfBoard riders have the ability to select either ‘high speed’ or ‘low speed’ modes of operation. Low speed is a gentle 5 mph for the Commercial Use Board, with a maximum speed of 10 mph. This Board provides new users the ability to practice turning and operating the board with security and confidence. The Personal Use Board has a low speed of 7 mph with a high speed maximum of 14 mph.

golfboard 2015 model