World’s most advanced on-camera monitor

World’s most advanced on-camera monitor—the DP7-PRO by SmallHD


SmallHD‘s latest generation of on-camera monitor—the DP7-PRO introduces radical innovation tempered by feedback from 847 video professionals through extensive surveys conducted by SmallHD. The result is a list of groundbreaking features such as the industry’s only true high definition OLED and Daylight -Viewable displays, advanced signal conversion, software FX output to secondary monitors, HD recording to SD card, Rec 709 Lookup Tables (LUTs), “X-PORT” 80-pin accessory dock for expandable I/O, and proximity-sensing “Smart Key” technology.



“SmallHD is breaking new ground again,” said Dale Backus, SmallHD’s CTO. “This time, not only with our leading HD display technology, but also with a host of additional software and hardware innovations that have never been seen before in one product. The DP7-PRO will replace a huge number of devices normally found on a high- end camera rig, so its value is tremendous.”

Equipped with industry first 7-inch displays, the DP7 will be available in two varieties: the color-rich 720p “OLED” and the daylight-viewable 720p “High-Bright”. The OLED technology found in the DP7 enables high contrast, deep black levels and 100% reproduction of the NTSC color gamut—a feature found only on full fledged color grading monitors. The high-bright version emits over 1000 nits, making it the only daylight-viewable HD on-camera display.

With a full arsenal of pro software filters like Waveform, Vectorscope, Zebras, Focus Assist, Guides, Anamorphic Scaling and Lookup Tables (LUTs), the DP7-PRO is not only capable of providing vital image information to the operator, but will also embed these filters into the digital outputs (HDMI & SDI) for downstream viewing—meaning a secondary director/client monitor can display the exact same image that’s showing on the DP7-PRO.

The two models of the DP7-PRO (the DP7-PRO OLED and DP7-PRO HB) will be sold for $2699 at launch.