Wilson Alexandria XLF – a no-compromise speaker

Wilson Alexandria line is a loudspeaker collection that had already, for many people, redefined the state of the art and elevate it to the next level of authentic value.

Alexandria XLF Loudspeaker, the top of the Alexandria line, is, according to founder Dave Wilson, a no-compromise speaker. Alexandria XLF was improved with a new passive bass management system and a revised look, that comes at a price of a supercar or a masterpiece. Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF will be available in 2012 for $195,000.

For Dave Wilson, the primary thing that counts—and has from the beginning of his career—is the quest to reproduce music in a way that preserves the numinous and emotional impact of the live event. It’s an objective that’s nearly impossible to quantify yet amazingly easy to discern. Its units of measure are tingles in the spine and hairs on the back of the neck—or even, perhaps, aqueous secretions from the lachrymal glands.