Why Some Online Casinos Restrict Certain Countries From Access?


Gambling services provision is quite a controversial issue today. Many countries still prevent this gaming sector full functioning within their territory. There are many reasons for that.

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Today, if you do not want to get into trouble, you have to check the country the gaming house platform operates in. Main European countries legalised gambling businesses. But it is important to check not only the country but the gaming house’s internal policies as well. You can type UK online casinos in the search engine and research, what casinos restrict access from your area, and what casinos are available in your area legally.

Why Casinos Do Not Allow Access In Some Areas

Basically, gambling business has a long history. The first gaming houses were totally legal, the players enjoyed gaming tremendously, and nobody believed there was anything wrong with this. Moreover, gambling houses became very profitable and paid generous taxes. That made many governments to legalise the gaming houses. As for online casinos, they may themselves restrict access to their services to users in certain states.

Today gaming business is legalised in majority of states, and majority of states has access to numerous online casinos, but some restrictions still apply. For example:

  • Very often each single country restricts certain types of games that are allowed to play. That is unprofitable for online gaming houses, and they prefer to restrict access from these states;
  • Often national banks restrict money transfer and withdrawal of cash that comes from casino houses. So, for the gamer it will be simply impossible to get his winning. To avoid misunderstanding, the casino simply restricts access;
  • Many countries complicate the procedure of receiving the licence to operate the e-gaming business. So, the casinos intentionally restrict access from some countries, even if they have proper licenses;

These are the main reasons that make e-gambling houses restrict access for some countries. Many state governments are still quite suspicious about gambling business. They simply do not let casino houses to develop and have clients on their territory.


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How Gamblers In Restricted Countries Can Still Gamble

The majority of gamblers believe that the only thing they should do is to use a VPN. Hiding and changing one’s IP usually helps to conceal the user’s geographical location. However, in case with online casinos this usually does not work. Despite the fact that the casino can allow you access, being fooled by the VPN, in order to make a deposit and then withdraw your winnings, you will have to indicate any of the payment methods available, and these are usually registered according to the geographical location. Therefore, it will be impossible to make a deposit, and moreover, to withdraw any winnings even if you create an account in the online casino being in a country officially restricted by it.

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