US most innovative health and wellness spas

US Top Health Spa Resorts, Hotels and Retreats

Medical innovations within the health and wellness spa industry are transforming the world, according to the Global Spa & Wellness Summit who will be holding their annual summit June 3-6 in Aspen, Co. This year’s theme, “innovation through imagination,” will discuss ways to discover new ideas with imaginative and innovative strategies. Leading the initiative, named some of the US’ top spas responsible for creating the best programs when it comes to health, wellness and a luxurious good time.

Top destination wellness spas combine luxury with smart lifestyle choices. They create programs, treatments and experiences personalized to suit the needs and goals of visitors. Continuous evolution and unparalleled focus move these establishments above and beyond the industry standards. America’s finest health and wellness spas offer services and amenities including: extraordinary spa treatments, fitness classes, fresh and healthy gourmet cuisine options, consultations with world-class health and fitness experts, a staff devoted to making visitors feel welcomed. and relaxed.

Known for improving visitors’ health and increasing their enjoyment of life through their fitness, good nutrition, stress management and integrative health care programs, Canyon Ranch from Tucson, Az, The Golden Door Escondido from Southern California, and The California Health and Longetivity Institute are named as some of the top health and wellness spas in the US.

The list includes also:

Green Valley Spa and Resort – Southwest Utah (lose weight and achieve calm), Cal-a-Vie – San DiegoCal-a-Vie health spa vacation resort near San Diego (meet your mind and body goals with personalized programs), Mii Amo at Enchantment Resort – Arizona (transform your health and well being with personalized programs, detoxifying spa treatments, fitness classes), Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa (make serious changes to your diet and lifestyle, take multiple fitness classes each day and learn about how to eat healthily), Lake Austin Spa Resort – Texas Spa Resort (named number one destination spa in America by Conde Nast Traveler). The program is ultra luxurious, focusing on reconnecting the mind, body, and spirit. Weight loss options are available at Lake Austin, but the spa is more about improving overall well being. Take a look also at The Mayflower Inn and Spa (weight loss), Spa Montage – Southern California health and wellness facility located in beautiful Laguna Beach (wellness program).