Terraces to live in the cold: designs to enjoy the winter in the open air

@GANDIABLASCO outdoor experiences | Winter terraces

The time we spend outdoors extends progressively and beyond the warm season. For this reason, outdoor spaces require solutions that can adapt to low temperatures and be prepared to withstand unfavourable weather conditions.

Gandiablasco continues to create new design concepts that can satisfy both new indoor & outdoor preferences; also when the autumn leaves the way to the winter and the hours of natural light are reduced. It does all of this by providing all the warmth and comfort typical of indoors and without renouncing the resistance and flexibility that we demand from outdoor environments.

Key materials to take advantage of outdoor square meters throughout the whole year

Aluminium, a material present in the collections of Gandiablasco since its origins, is an ideal option to equip a terrace or outdoor patio during the colder periods. Due to its excellent performance, functionality and beautiful aging, the thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles — in tones such as white or black— which characterise designs of the firm like BOSC, by Made Studio, are suitable to spend the less sunny weeks with all the advantages and without hardly noticing the negative effects of the climate.

“It is all about combining tradition, comfort and modernity. Modular and sober, BOSC evokes the Mediterranean cultural imaginary of Gandiablasco in other latitudes.” Made Studio.

@GANDIABLASCO outdoor experiences | Winter terraces

In this Gandiablasco space, BOSC climbs the mountains to demonstrate how a collection inspired by the serenity of a Menorcan cove can work equally in a snowy landscape. The BOSC modular sofas and lounge chairs are shaped with a welded aluminium structure and micro-perforated sheet metal by means of a punching system that reproduces the traditional handmade wicker grilles .

Meanwhile, iroko wood adds a touch of warmth and naturalness to the armrests and table tops . Dense, hard and stable, iroko wood creates a unique contrast with aluminium and offers a good longevity.


The fabrics are crucial

The fabrics are crucial when it comes to providing comfort and feeling of warmth in an outdoor area with these features, they are selected to withstand adverse weather factors. Technical fabrics such as Atlas Plain o Crevin Dolce are the most requested throughout the year. Especially during winter, so as to transfer the softness of its bouclé texture and its impermeability to the removable upholstery of the BOSC mats and other creations of the brand. Easy to maintain impeccable even if you choose neutral or light tones such as ecru or grey.


Pergolas and modularity to turn outdoor environments into shelters

The modularity and comfort of BOSC make these designs the perfect allies to configure seating systems of different sizes according to the requirements of the exteriors and depending on the times of the year. This versatility, as well as its elegance and timelessness, fits in with the philosophy of indoor-outdoor life and it is perfectly complemented by small-scale architectural solutions such as the PERGOLAS, designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales.

On this occasion, GANDIABLASCO presents a succession of Modules 1 measuring 360 cm. These elements of the series PERGOLAS house the cosy relaxing areas of BOSC, and serve as a transition between the architecture present inside the place and the environment in the open air, since they merge with the landscape. This contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional wooden pergolas is built with black thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles and enclosures and ceilings based on fixed horizontal slats in the innovative roble golden faux wood aluminium finish. The Wind curtains in mineral colour allow to increase the level of privacy according to the needs.


The importance of accessories: from lattices to outdoor fire pits

Elements such as garden trellis and awnings have always been used to isolate terraces and porches, and protect them from the wind. GANDIABLASCO’s new category of DNA PARTITION WALL represent the contemporary and architectural evolution of these traditional designs, perfect also as separation and concealment panels. In addition to providing intimacy in courtyards, gardens and all kinds of outdoor spaces, they act as an insulator without having to give up either natural light or integration with the landscape.

@Gandiablasco Partition Wall

The PARTITION WALL by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales evoke the classic Mediterranean shutters and stand out for the use of finishes such as faux wood aluminium, that prints a patina of warmth on the strength and durability of exposed aluminium and connects with the Mediterranean essence of the brand.

The FEZ lanterns, by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, provide the essential magic to illuminate a dinner with friends, a garden party, a deserted beach or a romantic dinner with moonlight as the only company. Perfect for creating unique environments in the summer evenings, they are suitable even in winter thanks to their design made of thermolacquered aluminium inspired by the traditional lattices of Hispanic American architecture.

On the other hand, the heat of the fire on a winter terrace can become the center of attention and a fantastic excuse to extend the shared moments. Creations like LLAR, designed by Borja García and made of thermo-lacquered galvanized steel, invite you to gather around a small bioethanol burner for outdoor use.

Its bold and modern aesthetic updates the idea of fire as an ancient architectural element while extending the life of gardens and terraces turning them into cosy spaces during the four seasons.