Sports world: VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer headphones

The new FX-Sport‘s training aid provide the user with both high quality music and the luxury of having their own personal trainer to customise any workout for any activity, including swimming. VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones, a first of its kind for the sports world, is water resistant, wire free headphones with integrated CD quality, 8GB mp3 player.

The Programmable Personal Trainer facility allows you to customise any workout with instruction, time notifications and motivational messages in your own words. According to FX-Sport, up to 64 personalised messages can be input to kick in at precisely designated times to structure any exercise session.

“We believe the VR1 will allow elite athletes, serious trainers and recreational exercisers to squeeze more out of their workouts by having their own personal trainer motivating them in a way specific for that individual,” explained Duncan Walsh, an ex-professional sportsman and director of FX-Sport. “The personal trainer aspect especially, has almost limitless applications. Rather than just analysing performance post workout, the VR1 will get a better performance out of the user during the workout…and whilst listening to their favourite music,” added Walsh.