Piecha SL Avalange GT-R has entirely new looks and sound


The Piecha SL Avalange GT-R by the renowned German Mercedes tuning company Piecha in Rottweil, has entirely new looks. The front got so-called Front-Cup-Wings on both sides, the side skirts are completely new and made more racy, making the silhouette appear wider. The lower, high-gloss- black-painted skirt lips now feature LEDs, perfect at night.

“In combination with the LED-Mercedes-Benz-Logo projected on the ground, this is really stylish,” explains Marcus Piecha, product designer and owner of the tuning studio. Also new are the extended lateral front-wing fins, which now stretch far into the doors. The small fins on the bonnet have been replaced by much larger aerowings, standing out in high-gloss black.

Another highlight is the Piecha sport-type sound exhaust system. “Our exhaust systems, made of high-grade steel, sound really growling and roaring, just like a sports car should,” says Piecha and adds: “While the production loudspeaker is a nice gimmick, our solution is better.“ And to make the open-top experience better as well, Piecha has provided a vario-roof comfort module. Now the top can be opened or closed at speeds of up to 60 kph, either with one touch from the cockpit or from a distance with three clicks on the car key.

sl-r231-facelift-detailing sl-r231-facelift-by-piecha

Piecha gave the SL Avalange GT-R 20’’ Piecha MP1 monobloc wheels in front-polished “titanium”. The rims are 9.5 and 11×20’’ with 255/30R20 front tyres and 295/25 or 305/25R20 rear tyres. This combination will fit right away. If lowered by about 25mm, the car will handle much better. For the optional ABC suspension, a special electronic lower-suspension module is available with which the front and rear suspension setting can be separately adjusted.


The new rear is also an eye-catcher, for here a well-shaped diffusor, also in high- gloss black, with integrated, double-trapezoid exhaust deflectors makes for utmost raciness. The factory-optimised optional “Hands-Free-Access“ boot opening mechanism remains. Another highlight here is the LED “Formula 1” style reversing light. The rear air outlets are of the same design as the inlets in the front wings. And the
tailgate has a spoiler lip for more downforce.

the-piecha-sl-avalange-gt-r-in-the-studio-2016-tuning-kit sl-r231-facelift-piecha sl-r231-facelift-on-the-futuristic-road sl-r231-facelift-seitliches-heck-nacht sl-r231-facelift-details sl-r231-facelift-detail-piecha-tuning