New A110 range is risper and captures what Alpine is aiming for in the motor sports arena


The Alpine A110 is the gateway into the Alpine universe.

Since its launch in December 2017, the Alpine A110 has become available in several versions, from the Alpine A110 Première Edition to the Alpine A110 Légende GT 2021. This month, Alpine is unveiling its new A110 range: A110, new A110 GT, and the new A110 S.

These three versions are all intensely Alpine , and each has its own distinctive character and its own territory. In their own way, they treat drivers to three kinds of experiences – and they are all quintessentially Alpine . As light and agile as any other Alpine , they come with a 4-cylinder 1.8 turbo engine and a Getrag 7-speed automatic gearbox with a dual wet clutch.

The “Alpine” chassis and 252 bhp engine are as pleasant to drive as the Berlinette. The car is light, lively and precise, and stays  agile and vibrant in all circumstances.

The New Alpine A110 GT is the range’s Grand Tourisme sport coupe. Its 300 bhp engine paired with the “Alpine” chassis strikes a blissful balance between performance and comfort. It’s hard to find a car that’s this versatile and elegant. It’s a sports car for everyday and longdistance driving alike.

The New Alpine A110 S at the top of the range pushes the cursor towards performance. It’s “Sport” chassis is made to measure for the 300 bhp engine’s full might. It has a sports car’s soul and comes with optional semi-slick tyres and a custom-made aerodynamic kit that will wow drivers who value precision, especially on tracks. The New A110 S is uncannily gungho and packed with thrills and chills. Customers can place orders for the new Alpine A110 range cars starting 24 November depending on the country.

“2021 is an historic year for Alpine: it ventured into Formula 1, won the Grand Prix in Hungary and pushed ahead with the Endurance programme in the top category. This is exactly what the new A110 range is all about: it’s crisper, pushes performance up a notch and captures what we are aiming for in the motor sports arena.” – Laurent Rossi, CEO, Alpine.

@Alpine A110 S


The S badge on the back and door sills points to the intensely sporty and intensely Alpine driving experience that the New A110 S provides– and to its uncompromising configuration including its 300 bhp engine, chassis, brakes, exhaust and Sport seats. It’s enthusiastic  whatever the circumstances and feels fantastic on any road and at any pace. It comes with optional carbon aerodynamic add-ons pointing for bold performance, and a dual colour finish (Fire Orange and a Deep Black roof).

The exterior equipment includes chromium black Alpine lettering, bright black 18 inch GT Race rims, 215/40 R18 front tyres and 245/40 R18 rear tyres, and orange brake callipers. The interior comes with top-of-the-range furniture including adjustable Sabelt Sport seats on two rails, aluminium Sport pedals, and a microfibre covered interior with orange overstitching if you opt for the Microfibre Pack and Racing Seats. The orange seatbelts, all-microfibre seat upholstery and fittings to add a racing harness are now specific amenities to the New A110S.

On the driving side, the New A110 S has optional Michelin PS Cup 2 Connect semi-slick tyres and an Aero Kit to push the needle up to 275 km/h. The kit is comprised of a carbon rear spoiler improving aerodynamic support, a carbon front blade and longer front fairings under the car to step up the rear diffuser’s and flat floor’s efficiency. Its stability at 275 km/h comes from the 60 kg extra load on the front wheels (from the carbon blade) and 81 kg extra load at the back (from the carbon spoiler), adding up to 141 kg. With this equipment, the New A110 S can deliver its full potential on tracks.

“The New Alpine A110 S is the first A110 with a rear spoiler. We ran the A110 S through many wind tunnel tests, which showed that it needed substantial aerodynamic support to reach its maximum speed. The Aero Kit is our answer to that challenge. The A110 S peaks at 275 km/h, has fantastic looks and is set to be a star on the tracks that takes on any race against the clock.” Antony Villain, Alpine Design Director.

@Alpine A110 S

@Alpine A110 S

@Alpine A110 S

@Alpine A110 GT,


The distinctive features include the Thunder Grey launch tone and the GT badge on the back and door sills. The New A110 GT is an unparalleled blend of performance and elegance with its “Alpine” chassis and 300 bhp powertrain.

The sleek silhouette, sophisticated interior and sharp mechanical features are tantalising. Standard amenities include Park Assist (front and back assistance and rear-view camera), and the adjustable leather Comfort seats on 6 rails (including blue overstitching).


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This model has been renamed A110, and its agility and zip are unparalleled: its mass has been optimally spread out (44% at the front, 56% at the rear with the engine in a central-back position) and it is lighter (1,102 kg unladen). It comes with the Alpine chassis and Sport seats, and its efficiency and communicative behaviour in all circumstances provide undiluted driving pleasure.

Price list:
Alpine A110’s price starting at 59 500 €
New Alpine A110 GT’s price starting at 69 500 €
New Alpine A110 S’s price starting at 71 500 €.

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