Never before shown images at “Karl Lagerfeld-Visions of Fashion” @ Palazzo Pitti

Karl Lagerfeld’s entire photographic oeuvre united in major retrospective in Florence.

Karl Lagerfeld – Visions of Fashion retrospective 2016-

Karl Lagerfeld‘s passion for photography and for books transforms his campaigns into veritable art books (published by Steidl), while he continues to shoot for prestigious international magazines.

In Karl Lagerfeld’s words: “Today, photography is part of my life. I can’t see life without the vision of photography. I look at the world and at fashion with the eye of a camera. This enables me to maintain a critical detachment in my everyday work, which helps me more than I could ever have imagined.”

More than 200 images created by Karl Lagerfeld using a variety of techniques including daguerreotypes, platinum prints, Polaroid transfers, resinotypes, screen-prints and digital prints are united in “KARL LAGERFELD – Visions of Fashion”, a photography exhibition hosted by Florence’s Palazzo Pitti on the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 90.

Karl Lagerfeld – Visions of Fashion retrospective 2016


boy-chanel bag karl-lagerfeld

The photography exhibition curated by Eric Pfrunder and Gerhard Steidl represents Karl Lagerfeld’s entire photographic oeuvre and includes many unpublished works.

“KARL LAGERFELD – Visions of Fashion” is a special anthological exhibition celebrating Karl Lagerfeld’s diverse approach to photography: photos from fashion shoots published in the world’s most important fashion magazines – among them different editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Numéro and V Magazine – and others inspired by classical mythology such as the series “Le Voyage d’Ulysse” and “Daphnis and Chloe”. The show assembles an extraordinary collection of more than 200 images created using a variety of techniques including daguerreotypes, platinum prints, Polaroid transfers, resinotypes, screen-prints and digital prints.

The exhibition will start from the grand staircase, Scalone del Moro, and wind its way through the rooms of the Galleria Palatina, the Sala Bianca and the two rooms of the Appartamenti degli Arazzi in a continuous dialogue between the sizes of the pictures and the exhibition areas: from the smaller, subtle images to be shown in the Galleria Palatina, almost as if to punctuate the tour of the masterpiece-filled museum, to the imposing pictures in the Appartamenti degli Arazzi that converse with the beautiful tapestries on display.

Karl Lagerfeld chanel winter ad campaign

As to the Sala Bianca, where Italian fashion was born in 1951, the curators have selected fashion photos by Karl Lagerfeld printed on lightweight paper that will flutter from the ceiling, recalling the lithe movements of models on the runway.

The exhibition – that will be on show until October 23rd – is made possible thanks to the recent agreement of collaboration with the Gallerie degli Uffizi signed by the Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery, with the support of Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana and Pitti Immagine.

Palazzo Pitti
Sale della Galleria Palatina
Sala Bianca
Sale degli Appartamenti degli Arazzi.

chanel pre-fall 2010

Karl Lagerfeld photography