Mario Sorrenti’s Cal: 2012 Pirelli Calendar

The 39th issue of the motoring giant’s famous calendar.

pirelli cal
The famous Pirelli calendar, or affectionately known as “The Cal”, reached the 39th issue. Corsica has been used by Mario Sorrenti as a stage to invite in front of the camera models like Kate Moss, Lara Stone, Isabeli Fontana, Milla Jovovich, Margaret Made, Saskia the Brauw, Rinko Kikuchi and others. Naked or topless the beauties posed by the sea, surrounded by vegetation or in a frame with rustic hue.

Mario Sorrenti became the first Italian photographer to shoot a full edition of the Pirelli calendar. According to Sorrenti’s statements 2012 Pirelli calendar did not want to be sexy.

The photographer chose models he’s worked with before. However the feeling was a little bit weird: “The most awkward is that first moment when you’re completely taking your clothes off, and after that it gets a little easier”.