Five Reasons to Choose a Smart Thermostat for Your Multi-Zone HVAC System

Methods for controlling the temperature of our environment have evolved since the cave women warmed herself beside an open flame. Discoveries of how to measure heat and cold by Galileo Galilei, Gabriel Fahrenheit, and Anders Celsius led to the invention and refinement of thermometers. The first thermostat provided a rudimentary way to regulate furnace temperatures and there have been many refinements to thermostats since then.

Today’s combination of multi-zone HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and programmable, smart thermostats offer unprecedented levels of comfort. But, what can they do that’s truly different than what you already have? Plenty. Here are five reasons you should upgrade to a smart thermostat.

1. Remote Control Programming

5 reasons you should upgrade to a smart thermostat - wall
Have you ever turned the heat way down before you left for a winter vacation and returned to the discomfort of a frigid house? With a smart thermostat, even if you return home early you can use your phone or tablet and reprogram the thermostat so your house will be toasty for your arrival. Being able to control the temperature of all the rooms in your home remotely is one of the best features of a smart thermostat.

2. Safety

Furnace maintenance is important for prolonging the life of your furnace and keeping your home safe, but it is a task we often forget to do. Some models of smart thermostats tell you when it is time to change a filter or schedule routine maintenance. Sort of like when mom used to remind you to brush your teeth!

3. Save Energy and Money

The more you can tailor your heating and cooling usage to only what you need, the more energy and money you can save — possibly hundreds of dollars a year. Pre-programming your thermostat to routines and reducing heat during the hours you sleep or when the house is empty just makes sense.

4. Live Weather Reports

Live Weather Reports

Live Weather Reports; Image via Flickr by NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

A glance at a smart thermostat will tell you not just the indoor temperature, but what the weather is like outside. You can program your thermostat most effectively when you know the weather forecast. This digital display can also help you decide what to wear that day or whether you will need an umbrella.

Most smart thermostats are attractive, and some are customizable or convert to a digital picture frame

5. Customizable Home Screen

Even a small detail like an ugly thermostat can taint a room’s appearance. Most smart thermostats are attractive, and some are customizable or convert to a digital picture frame when not in use. What a wonderful way to display more of your favorite photos!

We fill our homes with treasured belongings and decorate them according to our personalities and accomplishments. We deliberate over what art goes on the walls, where to place the furniture, and what types of music and lighting makes us happy. All of these components make a house a home, but a room is hard to enjoy when it is not a comfortable temperature.

Having a multi-zone HVAC system allows you to heat and cool differently in separate areas of your house. Unless you also have a smart thermostat, you’re missing out on some special ways to maximize the comfort and safety of your home.