Baccarat Les Sous Bois

Baccarat Jewelry collection “Les Sous Bois” signed by Aude Lechère is faithful to the mirage that from the forest always spurs new dreams. Les Sous Bois jewelry is a beautiful message of the mysticism surrounding nature.

The collection is articulated around 3 themes. The “Murmure” collection assumes the grace of an oak leaf, playing with different colors and textures. Inspired by the bark, the “Mystère” collection hangs in weightlessness with a pearl landing over a deck of lightly curved leaves. The “Merveille” collection diffuses the light through its play of honeycombs. Wrapped with vermeil or silver, the crystal reveals its force all in delicacy, playful and bucolic.
Pink, purple, mist, lavender, honey and mahogany crystals are the centerpieces for bracelets, rings, cuffs,  and pendants.

The “Murmure” collection starting from 170 €
The “Mystère” collection starting from 250 €
The “Merveille” collection starting from 380 €

Baccarat gave photographer James Bort carte blanche to shoot an exclusive behind-the-scenes video in its ateliers. The result  is “House of Crystal”, a stunning depiction of the artistry and savoir faire behind the magic of crystal. See the movie here