8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island



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Komodo Island is home to some of the best treasures that Indonesia boasts. There are many eye-catching places and beautiful sceneries to visit. The islands are beautiful and the locals are very welcoming. If you are looking for a place that will offer a relaxing environment and away from the hustle and bustle of Bali, then Komodo is a perfect destination to consider.

Komodo Island splashes its visitors with hundreds of activities that they can indulge in during the visits. Time and other resources may not allow you to test all of them. Fortunately, for you, we did this article which is an analysis that brings you the best things to see in Komodo Island.

Komodo’s must-see:

8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island-komod dragons komod island

photo: @indonesia.travel

The Komodo dragon

Catch a real view (and probably take a photo or two) of this world wonder in Labuan Bajo or Komodo National Park. The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard-like creature in the world. This huge lizard is more than 3.5 meters long, has a scary look and a relatively big mouth. The creature is among the listed wonders of the world and is only found on Rinca Island in Komodo National Park.

8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island-komod dragons komod island - Rangko Cave

The Rangko Caves; @indonesia.travlr.

The Rangko Caves

This is another beautiful scenery to look out for during a visit to Komodo Island. It’s an attractive site near Labuan Bajo. The cave has immaculate blue salty water. So salty is the water that it will float you without much stress. Who wouldn’t enjoy a floating moment in a beautiful cave away from all the noise and interferences!

The Pink Shores

Plain and white sandy beaches are interesting sites to see, right? Now picture a pink one… this is another natural wonder and a beautiful site to see in Komodo Island. The sand is naturally mixed with tiny pieces of the red corals that thrive on the shores of the sea giving an elegant pink beach. Both the red corals and the sweeping away after-effect which is the pink beaches are something to look out for in Komodo.


photo: @ayana.com

Beautiful Sunrises and Golden Sunsets

Wake up to a beautiful sight of the sunrise or better still, watch the beautiful golden rays of the sun as it goes down; catch this scene from the comfort of your bed! Can’t imagine a better way to live and love life. Ayana Komodo Waecicu Beach resort which is a five-star hotel makes the dream of fine living a reality in Komodo Island. The facility has a superb state of the art hospitality services. Their rooms are designed with a tourist’s interest at heart; the large windows allow you to catch a pristine view of the life around the island.

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8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island – World-Class Diving Centers; @ayana

World-Class Diving Centers

If you are a diver or would like to engage in the activity, the Komodo diving centres will fit your bill. There are several such centres around the park; all offering an epic experience as you get to see thousands of fish and turtles. They come in different sizes and colours so be ready. Always remember to adhere to the rule, do not touch the animals.

8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island-Boat Trips

8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island-Boat Trips; @ayana

Boat Trips

These are exciting to see and even more exciting to be part of. There are many boat riding service providers across Komodo National Park. They are well designed to offer you comfort and memorable experience. The boats do multiple trips per day, a ride will give you an awesome trip around the islands.


Komodo Village

Here you will be moved by the friendliness and welcoming nature of the Komodo locals. They earn their living from fishing and making handicrafts. You might want to buy one or two pieces of the artwork to take home with you.

8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island-The Pink Shores

8 Exciting Things to See In Komodo Island; photo: Komodo National Park Package @ayana.com


The Komodo islands have multiple sandbanks that keep appearing and disappearing depending on the magnitude of the tides. These sandbanks look like small sand islands and are a beautiful site to see. Look out for these especially after the tides.


Komodo Island is only a one-hour flight away from Bali: the Komodo Airport makes things even much easier. Make a plan to go see this and other attractions that are in Komodo Island.