Organic Revolution Worldwide Foundation

The Organic Revolution Worldwide is starting!

Consumers have a hard time understanding claims made on labels that are rarely based on science and often exaggerated; food and cosmetic labels offer considerable data but seem short on facts.

Today your product may be certified “bio”, “green” or “organic” but has it actually been tested sufficiently to qualify and earn an appellation such as “bio”, “green” or “organic”? Is your product really organic, bio or green or is it just crafted in the image of natural? Has it really been tested sufficiently and is it harmless?

Many labels run the risk of losing integrity and relevance without the co-operation of the food and skin care industries as well as governments worldwide.  Regulatory benchmarks for organic certification have never been standardized despite many good intentions and consumers still face a plethora of confusing labels that include words like “bio” – a Europeanism for organic, “natural” which is so broad in scope as to be meaningless or even “green” which really has nothing to do with an organic standard.

Our founders realize that unless we can figure out a way to sustain the integrity of the organic movement and verify the organic supply chain, labels and words designed to inform the public at large will gradually diminish in value.

Established in the United States in October 2011 and linked to a powerful international network, the Organic Revolution Worldwide Foundation is focused on developing worldwide partnerships with companies, organizations and consumer advocates interested in adhering to a strict code of organic standards.

The Board of Directors has developed a series of initiatives designed to validate and maintain the integrity of organic global supply chains and is working with laboratories, food producers, food manufacturers and the cosmetics industry to create safe, healthy and unique organic products designed to appeal to a worldwide audience.

The Foundation recognizes that there are innumerable regulatory and economic hurdles to its success that can only be overcome through a dedicated program of education, non-partisan scientific research and worldwide co-operation between the farming community, food processors and their distributors, as well as the nutraceutical, healthcare and cosmetics industries.

The Foundation intends to create grants and scholarships designed to implement its objectives with a special emphasis on small farming communities worldwide, educational and commercial institutions dedicated to the promotion of an organic lifestyle, government lobbyists and non-profit organizations who understand the need to guarantee consumers food and product supply chains free of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, irradiated substances and genetically-modified organisms.

In the United States, the founders plan to acquire and retain substantial land parcels devoted to organic pasture and agriculture.  It is their intention to create a network of similar “land banks” all over the world especially where urban metropolis growth threatens to undermine the survival of agrarian communities.

In China and India, the Board of Directors is dedicated to building local organizations that recognize the urgency of the mission and are capable of implementing the Foundation’s objectives.  The directors are interested in recruiting food and cosmetics scientists to promote the Foundation’s cause and working with institutions worldwide to explain the benefits of organic nutrition.

Above all, the Foundation has been established to offer schoolchildren of all ages an opportunity to learn about the world of organic products and to help them understand the importance of preserving life on our planet without resorting to artificial foods and products.

Everyone associated with our Foundation is committed to giving our children the means and the knowledge to preserve our land and care for the health of generations to follow. This is our legacy.