India’s own supercar to be unveiled by DC Design

DC Design planning to unveil indigenous supercar

The forthcoming 2012 Auto Expo to be held in Delhi will be the stage for the launch of the India’s own supercar. The vehicle signed by Indian automotive design house DC Design is expected to be unveiled by film star Amitabh Bachchan.

“With this car, we are making the transformation from a design house to a production house. It will offer the looks, feel, dimensions, quality and fit and finish comparable to supercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari, minus the horsepower,” said Dilip Chhabria, the promoter of DC Design.

Designed and built ground-up by DC Design, the car will be a low-volume product that will be put together at the firm’s facility in Pune. Deliveries of the car are scheduled to begin by end-2013, once it goes through the requisite homologation process.

Like the European supercars, the one from DC Design will be mid-engined, where the engine will be positioned behind thedriver, between the two axles. Though further details of the car are awaited, it is expected to be powered by a V6 petrolengine sourced from Honda, but turbocharged in this application, with output in excess of 400 bhp.
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