10 must-have features when searching for a new office space




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If you are looking for a new office space, whether it will be the first for your business or you want to relocate your corporation operations from an existing site, there are various boxes that your chosen space should tick. Some would be nice-to-haves; others, like those listed below, can prove essential.

Enough space

How much is “enough”? As this Entrepreneur article points out, it’s a question with an objective answer, as you should neither shell out for space that isn’t actually required nor agree to space that your business is bound to outgrow before the lease term expires.

The right location

If a dedicated office space is crucial for your business, then “the location is likely your most important consideration when renting your first office space.” Those words come from Small Business Trends, and the site adds that you want an office to which your team – or potential team – can easily commute.

Fast and reliable Internet

When looking for office space available from specialist providers, see if you can find a space that is integrated with high-speed roaming Wi-Fi and includes a backup internet line that would let your workers stay connected should the main line fail.

A business phone package

Don’t underestimate the trusty phone call, which many of your potential customers could still use first when they want to contact you. You might want to make a fair few calls, too – in which case, you should look for a space where free telephone calls are available as standard.

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Personalised call answering

This would be convenient if, at times when no member of your team can answer the phone, a lucrative customer calls and you don’t want them to slip through the net.

Photocopying and printing

Despite the increased digitisation of the workplace, you could still need hard copies of certain documents. That’s why your workplace should come with facilities for photocopying and printing.

CCTV and security

Lax security can leave your office space at the mercy of burglars or thieves – and, consequently, risk your company’s financial health and reputation. That’s why you can’t omit security features like CCTV when looking for a new office space.

Recycling points

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, you should encourage your recruits to routinely recycle. They can more easily do so without a second thought when recycling points are dotted around your office space.

A regular supply of fresh food

You want your staff to stay healthy, too. After all, if they do adhere to healthy habits, this could help you to cut down on how often you lose workers to sickness. Hence, it would bode well if your workplace had healthy food like fresh fruit regularly and readily available for members of your workforce to eat.

Onsite gyms

These, too, could help to instil physical wellness in your employees. Renting a serviced office space from BE Offices would give your team access to onsite gyms, making it easier for employees to exercise when they get some spare time away from their work.

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